A Dedicated Family of Chefs

Who love creating delicious dishes for you to enjoy

About Cafe La Plage

Welcome to Cafe La Plage. After a long time of searching for the right venue in South Africa to put all of our energy & expertise into – we’ve found the one! We can now ensure that our customers will have the best & most memorable dining experience while receiving exceptional service, great entertainment and a magnificent view! So again, welcome to Cafe La Plage – a fresh, cosmopolitan & French infused restaurant & bar that serves signature dishes, cocktails & music mixes for you to enjoy. Cafe La Plage is more then just a restaurant – it’s a lifestyle.

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Locally Sourced & Organic Food

We believe in community – and that is why we shop local! We bring you the freshest, locally sourced, organic produce.


Here at Cafe La Plage

# WeCreateMusic

Our passionate and experienced musicians and performers will entertain you for the whole evening both table-side and on-stage. Watch out for our own productions and podcasts that will be coming soon for you to download and enjoy.

# WeCreateDishes

Our passionate chefs create new dishes and recipes everyday for you to experience new authentic flavours from all over the world. You can also download some of our recipes to try at home. We would really appreciate if you let us know what you think of our recipes by reviewing us on either our website or on social media.

# WeCreateMemory

We will leave a delicious taste on your palate, music in your ears and memories in your heart for ever.